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The Trailer Ball
trailer security accessory

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About Us

What is it???

Made in the USA.

An easy to use, affordable trailer accessory to help you keep your trailer! No one likes a thief!!

The Trailer Ball stays attached to your trailer chain or cable at all times...unlike some of the bulky, more expensive devices.

Please click WATCH VIDEO for how to AND why you need The Trailer Ball.

(photo is a cutaway to show what it looks like installed)

From The Inventor...

The idea of The Trailer Ball came along when my trailer with $30,00+ of equipment was stolen.   Anything I could do to help hard working people keep their "stuff" is what I wanted to do.  ~ Dale Burress 

TRUE STORY- As I was coming in to work one morning a few weeks ago, I saw something laying in our road. It was one of the bulky, more expensive contraptions that do not stay on your trailer. It appeared that to have gotten left laying on the trailer or bumper of the truck and fell off. Now they're out $30!

Two Sizes

The small Trailer Ball fits 1 7/8" & 2" couplers.
The large Trailer Ball fits 2 5/16" couplers.

$12.00 each includes shipping.
$8.00 each if you get them in person.
Colors currently available:
black, silver, yellow, orange, burgundy 

A trailer can still be stolen even with a lock on it. (see video) The Trailer Ball is a deterrent for a lazy thief.
The Trailer Ball is made of hard, weather resistant polycarbonate plastic in Maryville, TN.

Please click WATCH VIDEO above.




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Owner/Inventor: Dale Burress

Colors currently available: black, silver, yellow, orange, burgundy


The Trailer Ball

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